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To yourself. To your body. To your inner wisdom.
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Does the pain and discomfort in your body keep you from living a more fully expressed life?

Do you long to:

reclaim your energy

be free and spontaneous

 hike, dance, or move in whatever way your heart desires?

Let’s talk.

I help individuals facing TMS issues such as chronic migraine, chronic fatigue, or unexplained symptoms release pain and get back to the activities they love. Using a mind-body approach that allows them to heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level I help them shift into seeing pain as a pathway to greater self-compassion, resilience and self-awareness.

Work with Me

When you work with me, you’ll get to:


Soothe your nervous system…so you can handle the stress life inevitably brings


Identify the messages in your emotions…so expressing your needs and desires comes more naturally


Learn the unique language of your body…so it becomes a refuge rather than a source of distress


Teach your brain that you are safe…so you are free to engage in the activities that light you up


Listen to the wisdom of your essential self…so the next steps on your path become clear

Meet Karol

Migraines and neck pain were a fact of my life for two decades. I’ve now been in recovery for over 2 years and, oh, what a relief it’s been! Realizing that there is nothing physically wrong with me has been life changing. The parts of life I once thought were off limits are mine again…things like yoga and other forms of movement, the freedom to enjoy any food I choose, and spending a day in the sun! The work of Dr. John Sarno and Dr. Howard Schubiner led me to the correct diagnosis of Mind Body Syndrome (MBS), or Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), and gave me my life back.

Success Stories

Recent Posts

Neuroplasticity Offers Hope

Neuroplasticity Offers Hope

The evidence is mounting: the brain creates pain, even in the absence of a structural issue. A recent study published in The Journal of Pain demonstrated the use of “a clinician-ready diagnostic approach” with back and neck pain sufferers. Using this framework, it was determined that 88.3% of participants were experiencing neuroplastic pain.

This is excellent news! Neuroplasticity offers a path to healing.

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One of my clients, who wants to better know and trust her intuition, had an aha moment in a recent session:

Reacting to a strong emotion is not the same as following intuition.

She figured out that a PAUSE is important if she wants to get past a reactive emotional stance to the wisdom of her intuition.

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Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief

Recently, I had a week where I needed to be ‘on.’ It was a non-stop 7 days of people-ing, and the drain on my emotional battery was real.

On night six, as I got into bed, I quickly reminded myself that I had one more packed full day before I could recharge.

My brain didn’t get the message. I woke in the night with a migraine.

Since I needed energy for the day ahead, I made the conscious decision to support my tired system with migraine meds (some were expired, because of being used so rarely).

Then I had a sit down with my brain.

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